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Visit Inverness     •     Tadhail an Inbhir nis

One of the many joys of Inverness is the rich variety of places to visit and things to do both in and around the city. The city boasts a host of historic buildings, notably in the Old Town, which you can appreciate while you browse city shops from the Victorian Market to the new award-winning Eastgate centre.

Take a stroll to Inverness Castle, currently used as a courthouse, and St Andrew's Cathedral, which dominate the River Ness and one of the most beautiful riverside settings in Britain. Enjoy the fine circular walk from the castle along the river and through the Ness Islands where you can watch anglers casting long lines to leaping Atlantic salmon. You can even buy a daily ticket and try it for yourself.

Above the city lies Craig Phadrig, once the stronghold of Pictish Kings, which offers interesting forest walks and magnificent views of the Moray Firth, home to a diverse range of wildlife including bottlenose dolphins which can even be seen from the city.

Take in one of our many events and festivals, explore the art, history and heritage of the Highlands at Inverness Museum & Art Gallery or relax in the tropical gardens at Inverness Floral Hall - or why not take an open-topped bus ride round the city or a Cruise down the Caledonian Canal to world famous Loch Ness. Also alongside the canal is the fascinating and unusual Titanic Inverness Maritime Museum.

If that’s not enough there’s plenty more to see and do around Inverness.

For more information on visiting Inverness see or or you can e-mail enquiries to VisitScotland. We also work in partnership with national disability organisation DisabledGo to produce detailed accessibility information to over 1,000 public venues, services and open spaces across Inverness. If you are looking for accessibility information for restaurants, hotels, café’s, leisure centres, libraries, tourist attractions, shops and many more the DisabledGo resource has you covered. Similarly, if you're bringing your dog check out Dog friendly Inverness for suitable places to visit.

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